Do you often visit a podiatrist clinic?

Is it true that you suffer from a myriad of foot problems?

Have you ever thought of reducing the number of appointments to the podiatrist clinic?

If yes, then you are on the right page.

Visiting a foot doctor or a podiatrist is the right decision whenever you find any kind of foot issues. Podiatrists are well trained to deal with many foot or ankle issues using medical conservative or surgical treatments, so it’s best to visit them if a painful condition occurs.

Apart from their treatments of complex foot and ankle problems, their tips, tricks and recommendations are also of great benefit to heal many minor foot problems.

Their advice can not only help to treat your problem fast but also contribute by keeping the problems away. Consequently, you reduce the number of visits to the podiatrist.

Podiatry has now become popular in many countries. Many Australian people prefer Perth city and their approachable podiatrists for treatment of any kind of foot problem. Hence, the city has the number of foot clinics it does in Perth.

Here are the few things that I have come to know from a renowned podiatrist from Perth that I would like to tell everyone experiencing foot problems about. These are the useful tips that podiatrists want you to know. So, let’s get started:

1. Prepare a list before your appointment

Before approaching a podiatry clinic, you should note the list of problems you are getting in your foot or ankle. This is needed to have the perfect treatment.

And, to have a complete treatment, a thorough diagnosis has to be made, so you should share each and every problem in order to get the best possible care.

2. Never move barefoot in public shower

You have heard it before but would have hardly applied. But, don’t take it lightly because gym floors, locker-room floors or public bathrooms are just the breeding ground for fungus’ that infect feet.

Thus, be sure to wear shoes when in wet shower areas. And apart from this, you should also dry your feet using your towel so that no water moisture is left on your feet.

And, if you go for a pedicure, ask them if they sterilize their instruments and have them clean the washing tub properly before proceeding further with your pedicure.

3. Feet can become your overall health evidence

If the hair of the toe vanish suddenly and the skin of that area gets thinner or shiner, it could be a sign of peripheral arterial disease. This is when poor blood circulation occurs potentially from plaque occurring in leg arteries.

And, if you have dry skin and foot ulcers, it may be due to diabetes because a decrease in sweat, high blood glucose level and oil production are often affected with diabetic sufferers.

4. The toe length

If you find your second toe longer than the first toe, you might be at the risk of hammer toes, bunions risk or may be back problem. This usually occurs according to the pressure distributed throughout your body.

If you have such kind of trouble, there might be issues with your footwear. So, you better ask some podiatrist for the perfect shoe as per the shape of your feet.

5. Avoid wearing pointy shoes

If you wear the pointed shoes, it pushes the big toe towards smaller toe that further set you as bunions which appear over the bone. The skin near to that area becomes red, swollen and irritated that cause problem in walking.

Thus, try to wear the ideal foot wear having wide toe box with minimal heel.

6. Fungus in toe nail

If the nail of your toes start to appear yellow or discolored, brittle or thicker, the toe may have got infected with fungus. However, nail fungus may be treated with antifungal pills or topical ointments, but there might be chances for it’s reoccurrence.

So you may apply cream suggested by the podiatrist along with the antifungal medicine to remove it permanently. Apart from this, you should also keep your feet dry by avoiding sweaty socks.

7. Diabetes patient need special care for their feet

If you are a diabetic, you need to check your feet daily for swellings, redness, cuts, or ulcers. If these symptoms are neglected, you might get the infection that could further lead to various serious health issues.

It’s not a rare case, but many of the diabetic patients have to lose their feet. So, here in this situation, you need to be alert.

8. Wash your sports shoes regularly

While you go for running, sweat gets absorbed in your shoes and this sweat further cause many kinds of severe infections. So, better you wash your sports shoes regularly to prevent infection in your feet.

9. You might be not tying shoe laces correctly

If your skin becomes red and gets pain on the top surface of your feet, you better skip the two holes in the middle of lacing hole and loop that vertically on the side of your shoes.

Keeping these common pieces of advice from an excellent podiatrist, you can save yourself from various kind of foot diseases. And, if you are suffering from some foot disease, it may be quickly healed in a very short duration.

However, if you need to consult a podiatrist like our favourite foot doctor in Perth or any other place in Australia, you can go through various online portals that offer podiatry services.

However, if you need more information related to podiatry or a podiatrist recommendation, please let us know in the comments below. We will try to help.


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