Smooth texture and younger looking skin have been an age-old fad, both for men and women. Earlier, the nobility and pedigreed class were more conscious about it. Nowadays, younger and smooth skin is demanded by commoners as well. Of course, people in the film industry and modelling have always taken recourse to cosmetic surgery for young looking skin. Facial lines and wrinkles appear with age, stress, worry and environmental factors. To successfully treat wrinkles and facial creases, doctors have been using Botox and dermal fillers for years. Botox injections block signals from the nerves to the muscles so that muscles can’t contract. That makes the wrinkles relax and soften. Dermal fillers like Juvederm or Restylane are increasingly used by dermatologists to fill lines and wrinkles. They can also be used to plump and define lips and fill hollow areas on the face.

Botox Treatment

BOTOX or Botulinum toxin is injected to paralyze muscles. Although, Botox injection is being widely used for treating other medical conditions like muscle spasms, jaw pain, or excessive sweating. A protein that makes Botox Montreal is by far the safest treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Be it crow’s Feet, furrows on the forehead, or shrinking jaw lines, or at the base of the nose,  Botox injection smoothens out the creases effectively. Often, Botox Montreal is a cosmetic treatment which is administered to patients undergoing facial plastic surgery procedures such as a facelift or eyelid lift. Since it takes only a few minutes for taking botox shots with minor after effects, a very large number of people find feel that they are right candidates for the same. But, it must be noted, that this is a temporary cosmetic procedure and needs to be repeated after a period of time. The effects often last for about 3-4 months. The muscles get activated after this, hence the creases and lines reappear. Next shot of injection is again needed. However, the lines and wrinkles often appear less severe with time because the muscles are being trained to relax.

Precautions to be Taken

Botox Montreal requires no anesthesia and involves only minor discomfort. Botox is injected with a fine needle into specific muscles. It generally takes three to seven days to take full effect, and it is best to avoid alcohol starting at least one week before the procedure. Also, people who are planning to get Botox injections should avoid taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications two weeks before treatment to reduce bruising.

Patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a neurological disease should not use Botox. Most importantly, Botox should not be administered without consulting a doctor first.

What Are the Side Effects of Botox?

The most common side effect is temporary bruising. Few patients even complain of eyelid drooping. Drooping usually happens when the Botox moves around. It is recommended not to lie down or tilt your face forward for an hour after the procedure. This usually ends within three weeks.

Juvederm Montreal

 Dermal fillers such as Juvederm®, Restylane® and Radiesse® are a non-invasive treatment used to restore youth and volume to the face. Aging skin loose its suppleness as collagen layer gets depleted. Juvederm Montreal is the procedure of injecting a soft tissue filler into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles, restoring a smoother appearance. This, combined with the effects of gravity, can lead to lines, wrinkles and sagging of the skin. Sun exposure, smoking, air pollution and even stress can all age your appearance as well.

Who are the right candidates?

Fillers are an excellent treatment to restore volume and plumpness to lips, chin, cheeks, the jawline, the area under the eyes, and even the nose. Facial fillers can plump up your skin, smooth wrinkles and fill out crevices or deep lines by replacing the collagen lost due to natural aging or skin damage. In some cases, fillers can be used to improve the appearance of scars.

 Body Contouring or Cool Sculpting

 Developed by Harvard scientists, CoolSculpting is a breakthrough medical procedure for removing extra fat. This technique delivers controlled cooling to gently and effectively target and remove unwanted fat cells beneath the skin’s surface. It removes localised bulges without the need for any injections or surgery. CoolSculpting results in noticeable, natural-looking fat reduction in treated areas, with no damage to the skin or nerves.

This is a non-invasive procedure wherein fat cells in the targeted area are frozen. The procedure is not painful and the patient feels pinching, pulling, tugging, numbness or slight discomfort. CoolSculpting is ideal for patients who have a healthy lifestyle, but have unwanted fat that resists diet and exercise.

Private Dermatologist Montreal

Clini Derma is a state of art private clinic in Montreal offering latest consultancy and surgery services in Dermatology. Dr Joseph Doumit heads this clinic and in addition to medical and surgical dermatology, Dr Doumit specialises in laser surgery, dermal fillers (JUVEDERM®, RESTYLANE® …), BOTOX® injections, hair transplant, chemical peels, eyelid rejuvenation and varicose vein treatment.

Dr. Joseph Doumit is a dual board-certified dermatologist. He holds certification in both Canada and the United States. He earned his medical degree and specialization in Dermatology at the University of Ottawa. Dr Doumit completed a fellowship in Mohs Micrographic Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Surgery at the world famous Cleveland Clinic. He is the most trusted Dermatologist in Montreal. Dr Doumit’s background in software engineering has allowed him to design and implement numerous medical diagnostic and teaching programs that have helped his patients get the most that modern technology has to offer. His relationships with his patients are cemented on best care and services.

Dr. Doumit has received numerous certificates & awards for his contributions to the stream of Dermatology including the prestigious American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Preceptorship Award. He remains at the forefront of new discoveries by conducting innovative clinical trials in the field of dermatology. His research has been published in many respected medical journals. Dr Doumit is also a noted public speaker. And has been invited to address audiences in both English and French at multiple national and international conferences.



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