Let’s begin with a simple experiment. How about we refer our dear ally, Google, and quickly check two different kinds of pictures. One of a person with a smile, either a girl or a guy, gender doesn’t matter. And another of a person- again gender doesn’t matter- without a smile. Now, hold your heart and hope to lie. No, tell us honestly please who did you like better? ‘The one with a smile, of course’ we believe you said, right? Right. So, one thing is clear that we instantly build a soft corner for a picture, or a person for that matter, with a smile. Now, no two smiles are same. But they can easily be characterized as a hearty smile or a fake smile. Again, there is nothing like an ugly smile but there sure is an appealing and a not-so-appealing smile. That can’t be denied.

How do you like your smile? No, don’t answer us. Answer to yourself. Do you like it? Do you like it not? Well, if you do, we’ll help you better that smile through this blog. At least for the pictures. And if you don’t, then count the prime goal of our blog here to make you fell in love with your smile, and more so have others fall for your smile. Yes, we are dentist in San Francisco but allow us to be your smile consultants for this moment, and help you nail that perfect smile. How? Let’s find out.

1)  Relax Your Muscles

Often, we are asked to pose out of the blue. Really, that’s the worst thing anyone can ask. You know, we are bound to carry different moods, various emotions at different times. And bringing that natural, hundred present original smile to a brilliant shot is a teeth clenching task. So, the best way to proceed therein is to begin with relaxing your muscles, both facial and body.

2) Don That Natural Facial Expression

Bring that gentleness, that serenity to your face. Yes, it’s required to bring your face back to normalcy. This will help you regain posture besides taking your mind off the impending picture. And do that while looking away from the one holding the camera for you don’t need to gain a single anxiety inducing cell in your body. You know how they proliferate, don’t you?

3) Smile Sideways For A Quickie

We need a quick click before nailing that perfect pic. Isn’t that right? So, to get set for that pre-click, purse your lips gently to define your jawline right. Then, subtly look sideways and blink close your eyes to create a no-teeth unique smile. Remember, a subtle spark in the eyes can light up the face brilliantly and ultimately, bring out that perfect you in a perfect picture of you.

4) Smile With The Eyes

Eyes say it all. Isn’t that something we have always heard? So, why not have our eyes do the talking for a change? The best way to nail this trick is by laughing on the inside. Don’t write it off as rubbish just yet. It’s possible to laugh on the inside and only have your eyes show that. To know what we mean by that, grab a mirror and look for yourself. Quick recap, laugh on the inside and smile subtly on the outside.

5) Close And Open Your Eyes

The smart way of donning that perfect smile is to close your eyes before the shot and then softly open them. Remember for the trick to work, don’t jerk open your eyes and don’t go slow either. Manage the pace. First thing this trick will do is to keep your eyes and thus, attention off the photographer. And then, it will add that much beloved sparkle to your eyes. Try right away if you don’t believe.

6) Tongue To The Jaw Trick

Perhaps the best way there is to define the jawline, tighten the muscles of both face and neck, and create that perfect smile is by touching your tongue with the roof of your mouth and smiling without your teeth . This helps in producing an instant effect and helps bringing the most dazzling smile to life.

7) Smirk To A Clamp

For nailing that mysterious girl look, this trick will work wonders. To do this right, begin by clamping your teeth behind pursed lips. Then, pull either edge of your lips to a mysterious smirk. One of the mysterious benefits of this trick, since we are so inclined on mysteries right now, is that it helps define the jawline fascinatingly.

8) Chin Up

This trick works perfectly from the right angles. To make it work for you in all possible situations, make a quick note of the angle the camera is lifted at. Then basis that knowledge, move your face slightly in the lenses direction. Finally, lift your head up slightly to point your chin out and then, for an extra edge, tilt your head mildly. That’s it. Your posse is set. Now all you got to do is laugh on the inside and nail that perfect smile, subtly.

Isn’t it amazing what little pieces of information, and their application, can do to our entire personality. And trust us, plenty of these aforementioned tricks work as well IRL as they work virtually. Now of course, it’s all about attaining the right posture and fetching the perfect amounts of confidence. But between that, there is always space, and more so need, for having as much fun as you can. There is no better smile and no better laugh than a real, straight-from-the-heart laugh. Or smile, yes, we remember that.

So, you see the prime thing is glee within. Once that is bought to the mix, clamp and smirk or laugh with your eyes, smile sideways or simply chin up, your picture is going to rev up the social media and bring ample amount of hearts and hearty smiles your way. It’s all thumbs up from here on dearies.


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Making A Picture Perfect Smile In 8 Simple Ways

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