Red mercury! It’s something scarce or more than it with a value of millions taking its name can cause you to face either the conference or a deep dark hole, something from the treasures of kings or an old tale? However, it’s something more peculiarly once it has been the part of manufacturing of urbane ammunitions or incorporated in the atomic power generation, and numerous other ways

The question of ancient Egypt immortality liquid
Well, we can sense the question that runs through the thoughts of many people; do red mercury share any relationship with the ancient Egyptian mummies and what archeology explains,
Addressing to the questions the well renowned archeologist and director in charge of the museum of Egyptian Mummification Yahya Owida said;

“The supposedly red radiation and red mercury powder metal is still bought by many red mercury buyers from all over the world and utilized in the processes of nuclear fission, manufacturing of weapons, nuclear reactors, and extraction of gold in rare cases”

Hence the Egyptian supposed red mercury is something that exhibit no relation in the red mercury and Egyptian mummies, yet there are no evidences through a strong claim can be made that the red liquid has been used in mummification.

Surprising but a well-known fact that some pastors from ancient Egypt used to dig small holes and store the amount of mercury inside the Egyptian so called red however, the workers in the fields of mining and later archeological mining’s have not observed any traces of red mercury in Egypt.

However, the high profile leader was uncovered upon demanding a sum of dollar 27 million as a value for small bottle carrying liquid mercury sourced from the Egyptian so called red.
The fever of red liquid and values
The upper regions of Egypt was once again fled by the fever of emergence of red mercury. Many individuals infatuated with this compound started seeking for it in the bats nests with hopes to make a better future.

The red liquid is valued at millions of Egyptian pounds in archeological markets and treasure hunters. The red mercury was mythically linked to the bats since their nests were built in ceilings of primitive Egyptian temples. A number of people believe that the red liquid can extend lives with the youthfulness

The myth or reality, archeologists’ opinions and evidence
Most of rumors arising also involved that the red mercury is found in the coffin of Alexendria however, the rumors were disapproved by the secretary general of supreme council antiquities that the liquid inside coffin was none other than the sewage water

While addressing to the German news channel archeologist Yahya Owida explained “Red mercury is no more than a myth and was never used by the Egyptian people and hence no such material as pharaonic red mercury exist further to date no archeologist or scientists have proven the use of red mercury in mummification”
More over the rumor of red mercury being the liquid of immortality has been refuted since nothing has been used by the Egyptians that has been a high demand and search objective across the man kind

Yahya explained “The prevailing myths regarding the red mercury, inclusive of the revelation of vial full of res liquid in the bottle at the mummification museum Luxor the myth says the liquid is rich in red mercury, and can create cheap metals into valuables. He refuted the myth explaining “The bottle truly contains some red liquid found beside the mummy of Commander Amun Tefnakht who ruled during dynasty 27thhowever, the liquid was residue of material taken advantage for the mummification as sawdust, linen rolls and resin”

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