Union MD is a well-respected and technologically advanced private medical and surgery centre in the heart of downtown Montreal. Our goal is to serve and meet the needs of our patients, by offering the highest quality care with compassion and respect. At the Centre, our primary care physicians rub shoulders with our orthopedists and allergists share the coffee pot with our super expert cardiologists.

Our Specialties

Union MD is Center for Medicine and Private Surgery. It offers a wide range of medical, surgical and aesthetic treatments. Consult us for a private clinic, walk-in clinic, corporate medicine, private dermatology, internal medicine, allergies and immunology, Physiotherapy, Psychology, STD clinic, laboratory, travel clinic and vaccination. General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, MOHS Surgery, ENT and Urology and Cosmetic Surgery.

Union MD, located in downtown Montreal, offers quick and easy access to a wide range of day surgeries and medical procedures performed by renowned specialists. Union MD is the most advanced Polyclinic in downtown Montreal. Doctors & Health professionals at your service.

Union MD also offers clinic without private RDV. The Emergency Care Clinic welcomes clients quickly, with and without appointments for minor medical emergency consultations. Private laboratory services are available locally to anyone who has a request from a doctor with a right of practice in Quebec. For an efficient and balanced company, look after the health of your employees and find out about our services and packages for companies.

Our Team

We have a battery of certified and renowned specialists for high-quality care. Our multispecialty, patient-focused team of doctors have years of experience. Our private medical clinic provides the highest quality of care and a variety of services in general, preventive and specialized medicine.  Our private medical clinic provides the highest quality of care and a variety of services in general, preventive and specialized medicine. Our private medical clinic uses the most advanced techniques to ensure quality care, a safe environment and support to meet your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact our team for more information about available services and rates.

Our dermatology and plastic surgery specialists offer the most comprehensive array of non-invasive and surgical aesthetic services and programs. The private emergency care clinic offers a quick and easy access, with or without an appointment, for minor emergencies. The private on-site laboratory services are offered to any patient with a doctor’s requisition Maintain the health of your employees and executives with our advanced health programs.

Our motto has always been personalized health care for our patient’s complete well-being. Feel the difference as you walk past the main door. We are the single doorway to your health care needs.

The majority of our professionals offer private services, but consultations with some of our specialists, such as allergology or internal medicine, are covered by Quebec health insurance. Our goal is to provide high-quality care and consultation in a timely manner. Your satisfaction is important to us, and our team is dedicated to providing you with the latest technologies and the experience of our doctors in a place that reflects comfort and excellence.

So, when you visit our center, you’re not just seeing one doctor, but literally tapping into a dedicated team with a wealth of experience and expertise. Our commitment is your total wellness. This advanced polyclinic boasts of state-of-the-art technology embracing human side of health care. Our services are a total of prevention, education and treatment.

New Psychologists Services Available

 We have introduced a new branch of specialized service in Psychology. If you need to regain your emotional stability, talk and find solutions. It is time to think about you and take matters into your own hands. Our psychologist can help you see more clearly and finally live a serene and fulfilling life. Anxiety, depression, stress, family or professional relational difficulties are subjects that we do not always dare to discuss with our family or friends. But do not wait for your worries to escalate and make an appointment for a consultation with our psychologist.

Union MD is an all-encompassing Center for excellence, service and compassion offering a wide range of medical, surgical and aesthetic treatment. Whatever your need be, we can quickly connect you with one of our own doctors for a speciality care consult or treatment. We help you g you and your family maintain optimal health by providing comprehensive and high-quality health care.

We promise to build a relationship akin to family physicians of yesteryears. Our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships with your entire family. This will build a foundation for a lifetime of health and wellness. The convenience of finding doctors for almost every purpose is a luxurious convenience in our busy lifestyle. Our knowledgeable staff and excellent service are second to none. Over the years, we have built a formidable reputation as a center of excellence in care giving. Located in the heart of the downtown, we are easily reachable.

Excellence, service and compassion are the three fundamental values ​​that accompany our everyday practice. Your health is important to us! Whatever your needs, contact our customer service department now and come and meet one of our professionals

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