Obesity, in general sense, is a condition involving excessive body fat which often increases the risks of various health problems. Hemorrhoid, being one of the major health problems, is often neglected until diagnosed. It is only fair to discuss a little about hemorrhoids before jumping on the relation between the two and the best treatment for hemorrhoid.

What is Hemorrhoid –
So, hemorrhoids are those swollen veins in the lowest sections of one’s rectum and anus. Now the reasons for the respective swell in the veins could be plenty, however, the reason for hemorrhoid in true sense is not limited to internal difficulties. There is a possibility of hemorrhoids developing outside of Anus, for which you might need to look up for how to treat external hemorrhoids. But first, let’s discuss the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids –
It’s not difficult to self-diagnose a hemorrhoid these days.

     1. The basic symptom of a hemorrhoid is extreme itching around the anus, followed by irritation and pain.

     2. Another symptom is fecal leakage.

     3. Then, one may sooner or later encounter painful bowel movements. This can often lead to blood on the tissue           post a bowel movement.

     4. There are chances of itchy or painful lump, even swelling at times, near the anus.

Finally, before getting back to the point of this discussion, let’s quickly discuss what it is, after all, that causes hemorrhoids.

What causes Hemorrhoids
It appears experts still need a little more time to find out the exact causes behind hemorrhoid development. So currently, the widely-accepted reasons are:

     1. Strains during bowel movements which could lead to hemorrhoids development

     2. Complications that arise out of a chronic constipation which build up hemorrhoids

     3. Spending longer than usual time while sitting, especially on the toilet

   4. Lastly of course, it could have run in the family, so the history of hemorrhoids in the family could also be a reason.

It is significant now that we discuss what it is in obesity that might cause hemorrhoids.

Relation between Obesity and Hemorrhoids

There has been a strong link between overweight and hemorrhoids. This has further been proven by researches and studies that hemorrhoids commonly develop in overweight conditions. The reason is the diet which people are accustomed to, the diet which perhaps lead to excessive weight gain and in turn affects the way a digestive system reacts to those diets.

The diets we discussed above, the specific eating habits which affects the amount of body fat and in turn, body weight, usually are low in fiber. Of course, low fiber diets in turn lead to low amount of fiber in the body. Apart from fiber, there is the lower levels of fluid which could be because of a low intake of fluids including water primarily, and juices. Then comes the little dedication towards basic exercises and body movements.

These all when put together, leads to an increase in body weight which in turn puts, anywhere between fair to enormous, pressure on rectal muscles. Now we know which direction such pressure on rectal muscle may lead to. Having said that, it is best to maintain an average body weight. Of course, minor fluctuations are acceptable. So, if it appears to you that you may be a little too big for your frame, perhaps, you might consider adopting a better diet plan and including exercise in your daily routine.

Role Of Fiber In Obesity
While those words should have included hemorrhoids, consider it placed by default. Coming to fibers, they are extremely important to fight constipation. It is widely believed by the experts that perhaps, constipation is the root cause of hemorrhoids. This is because, people under constipation end up straining in the toilet which further leads to bleeding and most probably tearing of the anus. And of course, the more the pressure, due to pushes, the more the anus will be affected.

Connection between obesity and fiber? Well, obese people are known to have less amounts of fiber in the body. Now, we know how fibers affects digestion, leading to constipation when found in lesser numbers and thus, a possible development of hemorrhoids. The best way to deal with this, therefore, is to consume fair amounts of food rich in fiber, including fruits, oats, leafy vegetables possibly on the greener side of the color chart.

Role Of Fluids and Exercise
Water, as we know, make up approximately sixty percent of an adult body. The level of significance of water can be assumed from there. Now, the prime significance of fluids, especially water is to ensure smooth movement of wastes in and out of the intestine. This, in turn prevents constipation. And we already know how constipation is a direct route to hemorrhoids. That aside, the recommended suggestion is to combine fluids with fibers for better effects. Low fat milk could also be considered an option but never an alternative for water.

Coming to the role of exercise, as already discussed a fair amount of body movement is important to keep hemorrhoids in check, i.e. far away from your body. Being overweight could lead to side eyeing exercise and ignoring it. A habit certainly to be changed for good. To avoid hemorrhoids, include a fair amount of exercise in your daily routine. This is to tone the intestinal tract, known to help avoid hemorrhoids. However, if hemorrhoids have already built up inside the body, exercise can help cure it or at least reduce it and lessen the impact. Jogging, walking the dog, running around for chores, walking while talking on the phone or other means that cover the spectrum of exercise would be highly beneficial.

Talking about treatments for hemorrhoids warm sitz baths are highly beneficial. Products for these which are readily available must be used twice or thrice every day to relieve itching and irritation. For enhanced hemorrhoids, it’s better to consult a medical practitioner who will help with the apt medical treatments including procedures and tropical agents.

So, we know now what hemorrhoids are and how overweight can develop or in worse cases, enhance the hemorrhoids. It is important to keep a check on the diet, something you must have already heard and read in abundance. And same is the case with exercising. But it is a simple inclusion of all these in your daily routine that can really do the trick.

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