Do you love shooting as a sport. If your answer is yes, I want to ask you a question. Can I? My question is – do you know the names of ten best shooters at the Olympic Games? If you know the answer, then it is great, but if you do not know the answer, do not feel upset as I am going to answer this question for you.

The list of the ten best shooters at the Olympics is as following

Carl Osburn-

Carl Osburn was born on May 5 in 1884 in Jackson town, Ohio. Having earned the distinction of Midshipman at the Naval Academy in 1907, he got started taking part in international style service rifle competitions, as 300m Free Rifle, Smallbore Rifle, Running Target, and Service airsoft rifle uk. In Olympics, he obtained total 11 medals. Out of these medals, 5 were golds, 4 were silvers, and remaining 3 were bronzes. In addition to be a shooting sportsperson, he was a navy officer as well. He died on December 28, 1966.

Willis A. Lee-

Willis A. Lee or Willis Augustus “Ching” Lee was born on May 11 in 1888 in the rural town of Natlee in Owen County, Kentucky. He served the US Navy, as a vice admiral during the world War II. He was skilled sport athlete as well. He obtained total seven medals in Olympics. Out of which, 5 were golds, 1 was silver, and 1 was bronze. He was termed as the most successful athlete in the 1920 Olympics. He died on August 25 in 1945.

Ole Lilloe-Olsen-

Ole Andreas Lilloe was born on April 27 in 1883 in Oslo, Norway. He represented Norway in Olympic Games and won total six medals for his nation. Out of six, five were golds and one was silver. He took part in 100 m running deer single shots and 100 m running deer double shots. He died in 29 April 1940.

Alfred Lane-

Alfred was born on 26 September in 1891 in New York, USA. He represented his country in Olympics of 1912 and 1920. He won total 6 medals for his country, out of which, five were gold and one was bronze. He is the first of five shooters who have bagged two Olympic individual gold medals. He died in October 1965.

Otto Olsen-  

Otto Martin Olsen was born on 13 December in 1884 in Oslo, Norway. He was the part Norwegian Olympic teams for the Olympic Games in 1929 at Stockholm and 1931 at Lwów. He bagged total 8 medals for his nation. 4 of which were golds, 3 of them were silvers, and 1 was bronze. He worked as a cargo manager for the Norwegian Railway Company NSB as well.

Morris Fisher-

Morris “Bud” Fisher was born on 4 May in 1890 in Youngstown, Ohio, United States. He was Navy shooting instructor and took part in 300–800 m rifle events at the 1920, 1924 Summer Olympics, and 1948 Olympics. He bagged five golds for the United States and also used airsoft equipment  like airsoft guns uk.He died on 23 May in 1968. 

Einar Liberg-

Einar Liberg was born on 16 October in 1873. His birthplace was in Oslo, Norway. He took part in 4 Olympics. He participated in London Olympic 1908, Stockholm Olympic 1912, Antwerp Olympic 1920, and Paris Olympic in 1924. He won total seven medals for his country. Four golds, two silvers, and one bronze. He died on September 11 in 1955.

Jin Jong-oh-

Jin Jong-oh is a South Korean shooting athlete. He was born on 24 September in 1979 in Chuncheon, Gangwon. He has taken part in four Olympics so far – 2004 Olympic Games, 2008 Olympic Games, 2012 Olympic, and 2016 Summer Olympic. He has won seven medals in which four are golds and 2 are silvers. He is the only shooting athlete in the Olympic history that has bagged four golds as an individual shooter.

Lloyd Spooner-

Lloyd Spencer Spooner was born on 6 October in 1884 in Tacoma, Washington, United States. Lloyd was part American Olympic team of 1920, and he bagged 7 medals for his nation. Out of 7, 4 were golds, 1 was silver, and 2 were bronzes. However, six were team medals, but one was individual medal. He won 1 bronze as an individual participant. He died on 20 December in 1966.

Alfred Swahn-

Alfred “Alf” Gomer Swahn was born on 20 August, 1879 in Uddevalla, Sweden. He was part of Swedish Olympic teams for Olympic 1908, 1912, 1920 and 1924 Summer Olympics. He brought total 9 medals to his country and three of them were golds, three were silvers, and three were bronzes. An interesting fact about him is that his father was also a shooter and he competed with him for medals at 1908, 1912 and 1920 Olympics. He died on 16 March in 1931.


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